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Temporary Resident Visa

Visitor Visa

Temporary Resident Visa

A visitor visa, also known as a temporary resident visa, is a document issued by the Canadian government that allows an individual to enter Canada for a temporary period of time. Visitor visas are typically valid for six months, but can be issued for shorter or longer periods depending on the circumstances.

To be eligible for a visitor visa, an individual must demonstrate that they meet the requirements for temporary entry to Canada. Some of the requirements include:

Having a valid travel document, such as a passport

  • Demonstrating that they have strong ties to their home country, such as a job, a home, or family members
  • Demonstrating that they have enough funds to support themselves during their stay in Canada
  • Providing a letter of invitation from a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, if applicable
  • Being in good health and not posing a risk to Canadian public health or safety
  • Not having a criminal record or being considered a security risk

The visitor visa application process typically involves submitting an application, providing supporting documents, and attending an interview if requested. The application process can be complex and may require the assistance of licensed and experienced immigration consultants like West Vision Immigration.

At West Vision Immigration, we can help individuals determine their eligibility for a visitor visa, assist with the application process, and provide support and guidance throughout the entire process. Our goal is to help our clients obtain a visitor visa and have a successful visit to Canada.

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